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The Year of the Tulip… 2018

The National Garden Bureau has named this year the year of the Tulip! Tulips have generally come to symbolize perfect love. Each color does have its own significance.

Tulips are native to southern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Asia. They have been cultivated for close to 400 years. Tulips were said to cost 10 times more than a working man’s average salary in the Netherlands, making them more valuable than some homes in a period known as “Tulip Mania” from 1634 to 1637! Today, the Netherlands is the world’s largest commercial producer of tulips, with around three billion exported each year.

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Did you know that not only are tulips edible, but they are also used as substitutes in recipes? Tulips are members of the Lily family, which means they are actually a relative of onions! There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties and are classified into 16 Division types. (that’s A LOT of varieties!)

When do I plant Tulip bulbs? Well, most varieties are planted in late Summer / Fall, to bloom in Spring. You’re going to want to do this before the ground freezes. (September – October North & November-December South) It is actually recommended by Farmers Almanac to refrigerate 12 weeks prior to planting.

When will my Tulips start growing? Tulips can start emerging as early as February and can emerge as late as May. These times all vary on when you install your bulbs and where you live.

what flowers should I plant in the fall? Tulips

Where do I need to plant my tulips? Tulips are extremely hardy so they grown in full sun, partial shade or partial sun. Tulips do not like soggy soil. Make sure your soil has plenty of drainage. Tulips thrive is zones 3-8. (see USDA map- click here)

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