Outdoor kitchens are a great way to bring the indoors, outdoors. Outdoor kitchens can be customized to fit any space and any budget. Outdoor kitchens are also a great way to add value to your home! Did you know that the top 3 holidays Americans grill are 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day? Over 65% of Americans own grills! Grilling is a stable in most outdoor spaces, so why not turn your grill into a relaxing outdoor entertainment space for you and your family!

How much is an outdoor kitchen?

The cost of your outdoor kitchen really depends on you. Think along the lines of the step guide above. Different materials and accessories will determine your budget. The size of your kitchen will also factor in to your cost. Sometimes homeowners get discouraged because they want an outdoor kitchen or entertainment space and get a price based on materials they have seen, without knowing the price range those materials fall under like in a magazine or online. Remember you can change your materials to fit your budget!

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What features are available?

You can add any feature really you want to this outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens can be both entertainment spaces, as well as dinning spaces. After deciding what function you want your outdoor kitchen to serve, features are easier to decide on. If you have a Green Egg then build a kitchen that has space to for your Green Egg. Cook like a pro and go for a pizza oven! Sinks, grills, burners, and storage are just some outdoor kitchen features to think about, You can also add a pergola for shade or a firepit to complete the outdoor living experience!

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How do I get a kitchen design?

Outdoor kitchen designs are like landscape designs. If you want to get an outdoor kitchen design to see what your kitchen will look like, we will schedule one of our landscape designers to come out to your home, discuss your outdoor kitchen installation, and then discuss putting your outdoor kitchen ideas to paper to visualize it. Outdoor kitchen designs vary in price depending on the length of time it takes to put together your outdoor kitchen plan, and how involved the design is. Our landscape designer will discuss prices with you at your appointment.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen Project


Determine what you can actually spend on your outdoor kitchen project.


Will this outdoor space be for dining only or will you entertain guest?


Materials & layout will depend on the look you want for your outdoor kitchen. Ex) Boho.


Figure out where you want your outdoor kitchen. This can also help determine size.


Figure out your cooking appliances, keeping in mind who you will cook for and fuel needed to run your appliance in your outdoor kitchen. Ex) Natural Gas or Propane.


Figure out if you will need seating for just your family or many guest. This can also help you determine features such as if you need a bar top or separate dinning area.


Decide on extras like storage, and if other hardscapes such as an outdoor fireplace are needed in order to enjoy your outdoor kitchen through any season.


At this point, you may want an outdoor kitchen design created so you can visualize your outdoor kitchen. We can create your outdoor kitchen design with you!