Retaining walls are important structures that can be built purely for support but can also be built for aesthetic reasons. Bailey Construction & Landscaping has experience with a variety of retaining wall structures and can install all different sizes, shapes, and materials. We also specialize in engineered retaining walls.

Engineered Retaining Walls

Engineered retaining walls are used when an area may need a barrier due to soil slippage.

Did you know…. whether for residential or commercial installation, engineered retaining walls must be designed by a licensed engineer. Additionally, any wall over four (4) feet, requires an engineered drawing and must be permitted in the state of Georgia.

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Retaining Wall Repair

Bailey can also repair an existing retaining wall. Common issues with existing retaining walls include compaction, which is buckling or bowing out. This occurs when the soil settles between the cracks of a retaining wall and washes away. Poor drainage can also cause problems for retaining walls. Bailey can make the necessary repairs to ensure proper draining, which allows for moisture to filter through instead of pushing through cracks in your retaining wall.

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