Failing Cross-Tie Retaining Wall

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The Challenge

A local commercial property was experiencing problems with its failing cross-tie retaining wall. These types of walls deteriorate over a 10-20 year period as the railroad ties rot and decay. This is typical with most wooden retaining walls.

Bailey Construction & Landscaping was called in as the experts in retaining wall repair.

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The Bailey Solution

After consulting with a certified engineer to develop plans for a retaining wall replacement, Bailey was able to efficiently rebuild the wall structure with a modular block retaining wall material. During the project nearby structures also had to be braced.

Bailey ensured proper erosion control methods were in place to eliminate any future problems.

The overall project took just a few days to repair, giving the property a new retaining wall certified by a structural engineer for longevity.

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  • tree removal
  • silt fence and erosion control
  • permitable engineered drawings
  • local county permitting
  • cross-tie debris removal
  • segmental modular block retaining wall installation