Outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy nature in your own outdoor living space. Outdoor lifestyles are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. If you don’t want to have an outdoor fireplace, why not enjoy a custom fire pit. Cozy up and warm yourself by your fire pit that can be above or below ground. Utilize the space you have while enhancing the value of your home! Plus, there are so many options! You can choose from brick, pavers, stone, granite.. the list goes on. Remember, determine your budget first, then you will be able to see the material options in that price range.

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How much is my fireplace or fire pit going to cost?

The cost of your outdoor fireplace or fire pit depends on a few factors, just like any other hardscape: budget, materials, and size. Fire pits are smaller in size, so the cost is obviously going to be less. A budget of $1500-$3500 is what typical fire pits cost. Fire pits can get a little pricier when you add extras like gas and fire rocks. Outdoor fireplaces have a wide cost range. A budget of $5,000-$20,000 is what an average outdoor fireplace costs.

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Which is better: an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit?

When it comes to an outdoor fireplace versus a fire pit, there really isn’t one hardscape that is better than another. It really comes down to preference and budget. These days fire pits can have gas, and other cool features built in like an outdoor fireplace. Fire pits are much smaller in size for the most part and are more versatile in where they can be placed versus a much larger hardscape element as the outdoor fireplace.

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Do I have to have a patio to place my fireplace or fire pit on?

When it comes to an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you always want a strong and level surface to place them on. A patio is pretty much a must for an outdoor fireplace, while a fire pit is a little more forgiving. With a fire pit being smaller in size, you have the flexibility to build it on a solid, leveled surface. Keep in mind that if you build a patio, it is less expensive to add other hardscape elements like a sitting wall for seating.