Are you considering adding a patio or walkway to your property? Bailey Construction & Landscaping specializes in designing and installing different types paths or paved outdoor areas that will transform your home and increase your property value. 


Patios come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials so working with professionals is crucial. Whether you are considering a deck, veranda, courtyard, balcony, or even a terrace we can help accomplish your goals. 

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Walkways make it easy to connect or separate different areas of your property. As with patios, these pathways can come in all different types. A little creativity can make a walkway a signature piece of your landscape design. Walkways can be created by using mulch, stepping stones, lava rock, marble chips, or even decorative concrete. 

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does a patio or walkway cost?

The cost of your patio or walkway really depends on a variety of things. The plan above lays it out for you. Materials, style, color, and budget all determine what your walkway or patio will cost. The two biggest factors are your budget and what materials you choose. Once you choose an amount you are comfortable spending on your patio or walkway, the materials are easy because then you know the range of products you can use that fits into that budget.

What materials can I use to build my patio or walkway?

Do you have 20 minutes to spare? The list of materials you can use is a pretty long list. Remember, choose your budget for your patio or walkway first so you know which materials and products you should be looking at. Here are just a few materials to use for your patio or walkway: pavers, timbers, pea gravel, barn plank pavers, flagstone, concrete, granite, stepping stones, Border Magic, and so much more!

How do I stop water from pooling on or around my patio?

By sloping your patio or the area around your patio for drainage purposes. A slope on your patio is essential because your water needs to have a place to go.

Most pavers installed are permeable (tiny holes in the paver for drainage). Additional drains or a new drainage system may also be installed to combat excess water. This may even include a drain built right into your patio.

6 Things to consider when planning a patio or walkway

BUDGET: How much do I want to spend on my custom patio or walkway?

MATERIAL: What do I want my patio or walkway to be constructed of?

FUNCTION: What will I use my patio or walkway for? (ok, walkway is a gimme) How do I want my patio or walkway to look?

COLOR: What color do I want my patio or walkway to be? What patio paver colors are available?

ESTIMATE: Get a FREE estimate to see what your patio or walkway will cost.

INSTALL: Bailey Construction & Landscape, LLC. installs your CUSTOM patio or walkway.