Sinkholes are serious issues and should be addressed quickly with the right remediation efforts.  We have the years of experience to properly diagnose your situation and expertise in heavy equipment to fix the problem. After your sinkhole has been remediated, our landscape experts can help restore your property to it’s former glory!

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What is a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes can look like small or large depressions in a yard and can be located anywhere – front, back, or side yard. They can also be under homes, driveways, basements, or crawl spaces.

Many of the sinkholes in Georgia are a direct result of home builders burying trash or organic materials in a pit. Some sinkholes seem to appear overnight while some sinkholes seem to take years to form. Regardless, sinkhole remediation is necessary and should not be delayed as more extensive and dangerous damage can occur.

Common Questions Regarding Sinkholes

What If I Have A Sinkhole Under My Home?

If you suspect you have a sinkhole, act immediately. Contact an expert like Bailey Construction & Landscaping to evaluate your property. We have experts who can determine the correct remediation efforts. Our team includes structural engineers who can help should the problem involve your home, garage, or other building structures.

Georgia Sinkhole Laws

A common sinkhole misconception is that burying debris during or after construction by a contractor is illegal. As of 1991, Georgia Real Estate laws changed to try to protect the homeowner. Buried debris must be disclosed when buying/selling a home. Homeowners that know they have a sinkhole can also be held at fault if they sell a home and do not disclose it to the new buyers.

Bailey’s Process for Sinkhole Remediation

After a careful inspection, Bailey will excavate your sinkhole to determine the cause.

Next, we will fill and compact the sinkhole. Once your sinkhole is fully excavated, dirt can then be put back in to fill the hole. A sinkhole should never be repaired solely by gravel, concrete, or any other material. The dirt must always be compacted.

And finally, fresh, new landscaping will be added.

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