Sinkhole Repair Under Garage

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The Challenge

Bailey Construction & Landscaping received an urgent request to visit a private residence with a sinkhole rapidly forming under a detached garage.

The hole was progressing, and the homeowner knew immediate attention was needed to avoid structural damage to the garage.


The Bailey Solution

Bailey quickly arrived on site and assessed the situation. It was determined that the garage floor needed to be completely removed, while ensuring the overall structure of the garage remained stable. Bailey removed the floor along with the back wall. After gaining access, the team removed the contents of the debris pit including several large logs. Once the pit was cleared, the area was backfilled with dirt and then compacted. Bailey then poured a completely new garage floor and reattached the back wall of the building.

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Why Bailey

Bailey was able to respond quickly and with the appropriate equipment to repair and replace the garage while removing and filling the sinkhole. The home and garage area are now repaired with no further issues expected in the future thanks to the full removal of the debris pit.