Engineered retaining wall designs should only be installed with drawings from a degree holding engineer. Generally, any wall over 4 ft requires an engineered drawing and must be permitted in almost every county in the state of Georgia. Some counties even go as low as 2 ft! Sea walls and lake walls also require engineered drawings. Engineered walls are not limited to commercial use. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the wall. You can still choose several different colors and style options for your engineered retaining wall system.

To Build an Engineered Wall


The first step is contacting a retaining wall contractor such as Bailey, to look and access to see if they think the height of your retaining wall falls under the governing laws in your area that require a retaining wall permit.


When it comes to being able to build an engineered retaining wall, you have to have an engineer. In this case, you want to have a civil engineer create your retaining wall drawing for you to submit to receive your permit. In some cases, you might have to have a structural engineer too or in leu of. If there is a permit required in order to install your engineered retaining wall, these drawings that are created by the engineer are stamped by the engineer and are sent to the city or county that holds jurisdiction over the address that the engineered wall is being installed.

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Estimates & Inspections


One you have your engineered retaining wall plans from the engineer, Bailey can create an estimate to let you know what the actual cost of your wall will be. Once you approve and make the decision to install your engineered retaining wall, you will then have to apply for your retaining wall permit before the installation of your retaining wall starts.


Permits are required in most cities and counties when a retaining wall is over 4ft tall. This means that municipality is requiring your retaining wall to be laid out on paper by an engineer, and then inspected by a government official. Once completed its install time!


Once your retaining wall is installed, you will be required unless notified otherwise by the municipality you are working with, to get a final retaining wall inspection.