Bailey Construction & Landscaping provides customized design services that bring your outdoor landscape vision to life.

After the initial consultation, our in-house designers will create a plan based on your goals, budget, and timeline. 

To accommodate a wide range of clients, Bailey offers three tiers of design service:


Level I Design Consultation

Our Level I Design Consultation is perfect for a small area such as the front of the house, side yard, or other small defined space.

Level I projects can be addressed quickly and do not require a drafted formal design plan. The target areas will be a small, easily measured space requiring a straightforward design.

Deliverables include a gridded paper sketch in PDF form, usually one to two business days after the design consultation meeting.

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Level II Design Consultation

Ideal for larger project areas such as an entire residence or property, these plans require more detailed analysis, such as an inventory of existing conditions, site measurements, buildings and hardscapes, property lines, and, most importantly, the owner’s landscape wants and needs.   

A one-week turnaround after the initial design consultation meeting yields two black-and-white design prints, one colored plan rendering, and a detailed list of photos of plants used in the landscape design.

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Level III design consultation

Perfect for in-depth, detailed designs that improve the landscape’s overall footprint, this type of project might require a survey of conditions and may include other design professionals, such as civil engineers, arborists, and architects.

Two weeks after the initial consultation, prospective clients will receive two black-and-white prints of the plan, a colored rendering plan, and a detailed list with photos of plants used in the landscape design.

*All Design Consultations are fee-based, which varies dependent on project scope.


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About our Design Team

With formal degrees and years of experience consulting on residential and commercial sites, our design team includes those with expert plant knowledge, landscape plan development experience using CAD, and a history of navigating large projects with other professionals such as Architects, Civil Engineers, and Landscape Architects.   

Bailey’s stellar customer service, award-winning team of experts, and attention to detail set us apart.  

Contact us today to learn more about our design services or to schedule a design consultation.


Bailey Construction & Landscaping’s design services captured our vision.  The team gave us our wish list items and stayed within budget. We are now enjoying our new outdoor living space day and night.”  – Design Customer