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St. Augustine No More?

St. Augustine is both a shade and drought tolerant sod. Many people have installed this sod for just those 2 reasons alone. St. Augustine is a darker green color and has other properties such as disease resistance and softer blades These attributes are usually what attracts many to this sod, but nowadays people are now turning to the Bermuda hybrid called Zoysia. Zoysia, in most cases is also more cost effective. To learn more about Zoysia, click here.

St. Augustine can also be hard to establish once planted. It can have a very aggressive
spread rate too, and can take areas over pretty quickly.

Like any other product, demand dictates supply. The decline in people buying this sod has lead to many sod farms to discontinue growing this sod. Bigger companies like BUCK JONES NURSERY are now no longer carrying this sod too. With all this being said, St. Augustine is a great sod, but it might be a better idea to choose a different sod because it just might not be around that much longer. Need help figuring out what type of sod you need? Give us a call 770-466-8766 and make an appointment to see what sod best suites your lawn!

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