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Landscape Design Loganville, Ga

The best way to improve the outside aesthetics of your home is to invest in a landscape design. A landscape design consists of a hand drawn plan for either your front yard, backyard, or both including plants, trees, and even hardscapes. They lay out exactly how your yard will look once completed. You can have them created to be as simple or extravagant as you would like. These plans are yours to keep once they are created. Bailey Construction and Landscape Group Inc. (located in Loganville, Ga but services all over the state of Georgia) specializes in taking your plans from concept to completion.

Our Professional Landscape Designer, Bruce Holiday, is the best in the business. Bruce has been a featured landscape designer on HGTV’s Ground Breakers & Landscape Solutions and has been a featured guest on Walter Reeves. He not only has over 36 years of experience in the profession, he has also completed over 1,000 landscape plans in Atlanta, Ga alone. He comes to your home and draws a hand sketched landscape plan to scale. Most of this is done on-site as well.

Bailey Construction & Landscape Group Inc. comes in once the plan is finished. We give you a free estimate based on your landscape plan. Once you are ready to begin, we then install your dream landscape plan!

You might be wondering when the best time to have your landscape design created and when is the best time to have it installed. The best time to have your landscape plan created is during the fall. Once completed you can decide if you want it done all at once or in phases. Bailey Construction and Landscape Group Inc. usually suggests that you install your hardscapes during the fall or winter seasons and do the planting in the spring.


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