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Get your Landscape Design!

The cold weather is here and you have given up on landscaping for now right….. Wrong!

Now is the perfect time to go ahead and get your landscape plan done. Planning your landscaping now will allow you to get your plan, determine your budget, and be ready so when the weather is just right this Spring, you can get your plan installed.

The great thing about landscape plans are that you can always install them in stages. If you get hardscapes on your plan such as a fire pit, walkway, or a retaining wall, you can go ahead and get them installed in this colder weather as part of your first phase. When planning the stages you would like to do, be careful to not create more work for yourself the next stage or money. Generally you want to to any grading, building beds, irrigation, and/or hardscapes first.

Plans range in price but can be very budget friendly. Need a plan or more information? Call us to schedule you landscape plan 770-466-8766 or visit our landscape design page HERE.


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