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What to Look for in October Landscaping




The leaves on the trees will begin to change color. Expect mostly reds, yellows, oranges, but vibrant colors of mixed arrangements are everywhere too for the Fall season. In fact, most Cherry trees have already lost most of their yellow and brown leaves. The American Walnut Tree already has its fall color too. The Yellow Hickory and the Red Maple will be close behind after the first frost, while the Hybrid Maples are already turning before the first frost. If you look at the Oak Leaf Hydrangea flower heads, they have already developed the brown flower heads, and the leaves are turning to the bronze and red mix.

A road trip to North Georgia in October is always a great way to see the various spectacular colors of the native trees in their fall splendor, and then a call to Bailey Construction & Landscape Group to install these wonderful trees! 🙂


The shrub-planting season is here as well. Our favorite shrubs are the Camellia selections.

Camellia Sasanqua’s are blooming now. Sasanqua is a great shrub for a wall presentation in an “espalier,” which means up a wall or fence. There are multiple colors with red, white or pink schemes. The Satsuki has a large white flower trimmed with a tinge of pink on the edge. The rose and pink varieties are also blooming now. They can be planted and the selection is easy based upon the location, background color, and personal taste. Pink against a red brick house is not recommended however, due to the flowering color washing out against the brick.

The Camellia Japonicas on the other hand, are preparing for their bloom cycle that begins in

late December and January. The Japonicas have three different bloom cycles depending upon the variety; Some early (December thru March), some mid season (late February to mid March) and late season will bloom in March and April.

The Camellia japonica also have a larger leaf than the Sasanqua. The Camellia blooms are simple to very complex, depending upon the color and variety. Some flowers are small 3” to very large 9”. The shrub can get very large if left alone, but they do take pruning. They can be used in a formal garden because of their nature or they can be pruned into a more informal look. They grow well here in Georgia and there are a number of “camellia gardens” in Georgia.


We also begin to plan for the Spring bulb planting. Ordering in November allows for the right color bulb to be ordered and the proper bed preparation can be completed. If Tulips are planted now, they just might bolt, resulting in blooming in January, versus March and April. The blooms from a bolted plant will have a deformed flower. It’s best to order now, and wait until mid-November to plant. Crocus, Muscari, Scilla, Gallanthus, Hyacinths, Allium, and Daffodils also are best planted in November. Call us today at 770-466-8766to help you with your Fall bulb installation.

Another bulb is the Zephthranthus Rain Lily, that will bloom multiple times this fall. Its white bloom begins in August and can be used to line a drive or as an accent plant in a flower bed. Most of the year it looks like liriope, but tends has a white lily flower rather than the purple liriope bloom.This is a bulb and can be planted anytime.

This is also the time of year when many fruits and seeds are visible. The red Dogwood seeds become great food for the Cardinal, while the hickory nuts and acorns become food for the squirrels (or they throw them at us while we invade their space). The American black Walnut drops its large nut that turns from a light green to deep black. The magnolia seed pod begin its annual manufacturing process: turns pink then it shows off i ts red seeds interspersed with itsbrowncone. The Pine tree has shed its cones, and the persimmon drops itsorangefruit for the deer. It is a great time to enjoy the diversity of a well-designed garden! Need a small garden design? Just give us a call!

The things that will be blooming in October include the Camellia Sasanqua, the Encore Azaleas, the Swamp Sunflower, the Toad Lily, and Pansies.

Excited about Fall? We are here at Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc in Loganville, Ga and Snellville, Ga. This is prime planting season as well as hardscape installation time. Call today for your landscape design, hardscape installation, or any other fall needs. Check out our website at give us a call at 770-466-8766. Happy October!


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