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What are the Advantages of Adding a Deck to Your Home?

Making the decision to build a deck is one of the BEST things you can do for your home and your investment in your home. It may seem like a big decision and a lot of money now, but you will see the long term investment pay off and then some. There are many things that determine your cost such as material, size, and shape. The only thing that limits you on your deck is your budget.

The advantages to building a deck are numerous. First of all, you add square footage to your home without the hassell of paying for or fooling with sheetrock, wiring, and other materials like an giant addition would require. It also takes much less time than a room addition. You also get 85-100% of your investment back unlike a family room addition that only gives you about a 69% return or a bathroom remodel that that only gives you 78% of a return.

It’s just practical. It easily adds curb appeal. A deck allows casual living from grilling to relaxation to entertainment. IT BRINGS YOU BACK TO NATURE!!! Why would you not build something that you get almost a 100% return on that’s also cost efficeint! Start bulding your deck today!!!!!

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