Municipal Stormwater Drain Repair

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The Challenge

A local Georgia municipality experienced a collapsed corrugated metal drain pipe under the road. This called for immediate attention given the obvious safety hazard. The local government immediately reached out to Bailey Construction & Landscaping. Bailey is an on-call service provider for local municipalities, with the experience, equipment, and know-how to handle this type of situation.


The Bailey Solution

After a rapid but cautious assessment of the problem, Bailey began remediation efforts.

First, Bailey worked with the city to develop and execute a road closure plan.

Once the traffic was safely detoured, Bailey saw-cut the road, removed the pavement, and excavated the damaged storm water pipe.

The city’s engineering team was consulted and approved a new size and type of pipe for replacement. Bailey installed the new pipe and head wall of an adjacent retention pond and connected the pipe into the municipal storm drain system.

Once the repair was finalized, the area was backfilled with soil and compacted. Finally, the road was prepared for repaving by the city’s paving crew.

The entire repair took 5 working days and was completely turn-key for the city in order to minimize downtime of the road.