HOA Retention Pond Clearing

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The Challenge

A local county government was conducting a routine inspection of neighborhood retention ponds and noticed a particular HOA community pond had not been properly maintained. The county needed access to further inspect for maintenance and possible repairs, but the area was difficult to review with multiple overgrown pine trees blocking further inspection.


The Bailey Solution

A partner of many local governments, Bailey Construction and Landscaping was called in to clear access to the pond. Bailey used their large excavator with a mulching head to open the area for the county.

The entire clearing project took 3 – 4 days. Bailey then performed a “Best Management Practice” repairs scope set by the county to ensure the pond orifice holes were draining properly, the filter stones were cleaned, and the pipes were checked to make sure there are no blockages.

  • Rotary Brush cutting
  • Drum Mulcher
  • Excavating
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) implementation

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Why Bailey

Bailey owns its own specialized heavy equipment which enables quick response to problems. Additionally, the company has the expertise for such project in house, with no subcontracting needed. The Bailey team of experts are vetted, seasoned, and use the most advanced maintenance processes.