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How Not to Fix a Sinkhole Part II

On our last post we discussed how not to fix a sinkhole with grout (click here to read the post). Today, we will discuss how not to fix a sinkhole with just dirt. Most commonly, sinkholes occur where debris such as trash, stumps, tree branches and other building materials were buried during a construction project. Sinkholes can also be caused by broken water pipes, cisterns or disturbance of the soil (by digging, drilling, or soil removal), vibrations caused by traffic, or mine blasting. Underground water can form one as well.

Fixing your sinkhole the correct way is imperative! Countless injuries and even deaths have been caused by sinkholes. Many companies will try to fix the sinkhole by filling it with just dirt. You can not repair a sinkhole without first removing the cause of the sinkhole. Sinkholes must be excavated. Just like grouting, putting dirt in a sinkhole also puts more weight on top of the decaying material. Putting dirt in your sinkhole might be a quick cheap fix but for how long? It’s then not of a question of if, but when will the sinkhole sink again. Doing this is also putting not only yourself, but other people in danger.

People have also been suggested to plant a tree in the sinkhole or other plants. Again, the problem has not been removed, otherwise you are basically feeding an underground compost pile. Since you can’t see how large the problem is, there is no way to tell if the plants planted, concrete poured, dirt thrown in, bricks or other materials thrown into the hole even cover it.

Fix your sinkhole right the first time! Don’t let your sinkhole turn into a bigger problem than it already is. Be sure to hire someone who can actually fix the problem instead of just putting a Band-Aid on your situation. Don’t let yourself be fooled by inexperienced companies trying to make a quick buck. Doing your research on sinkholes is the key to not only understanding them but to also understand the proper way to fix them. Click here to learn more.


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