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When is the BEST time to plant?

The best time to do any kind of landscaping is now (It’s September & it’s Fall)! There are so many things you can do in landscaping that you could have something to do every month of the year. Yesterday was the first day of fall and it was in the 90’s! Where are the fallen leaves and cool breezes that we enjoy this time of year? Don’t let the weather stop you from completing your landscaping. We are no longer in a drought so watering is okay and there isn’t much rain which allows for much needed time to complete projects. Right now is the best time to do any hardscapes you have been wanting to complete. If you complete them now, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them for the rest of the year before family and friends start gathering for the holidays!

What hardscapes could I install now?

  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Flagstone patios
  • Raised Patios
  • Sunken patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds
  • Water features
  • The possibilities are endless!!!

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