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Landscaping with a Purpose: DOGSCAPING

This next blog series will focus in on individual and unique landscaping needs you may have for your home with specific targeted features in mind. Don’t just throw a bunch of landscaping with no rhyme or reason; this is an investment. Landscape with a purpose…….

DOGSCAPING This is a term, I admit, that I borrowed from a similar article in Total Landscape Care Magazine. This is just simply a term used for landscaping around your Furbabies. Remember pets are like kids… You wouldn’t put a $3,000.00 vase on the floor for your toddler to destroy. Instead, you create areas for your children and place items especially for them. Your yard is no different. Creating a yard that you not only love, but your dogs can enjoy makes it a win win situation or all. Here are just a few things you can EASILY intertwine into your landscape design to create your Dogscape:

  • Beat the heat: Dogs enjoy shade just as much as we do. You don’t need a special area designated for just them. Add some landscape architecture such as a pergola or install larger trees that provide adequate shade for you pups to lay under. Arbors too can provide shade on a smaller scale while small upgrades like built in seating are nice for the pups too. Decorative but functional doghouses can also provide needed shade too.
  • Splish splash: Any pet outside requires water if they are going to be outdoors for an extended period of time. Installing water features such as a small dog pool can keep your Furbaby cooled off, while providing them with great entertainment. Other wonderful hardscapes such as ponds and pondless waterfalls can provide needed hydration for your pet, while enhancing your outdoor living esthetics. These hardscapes definitely yield a nice return on your landscape investment. Click herefor more information about our waterfeatures.
  • Patrolling the border: Animals, especially dogs, love to patrol their territory. Give your dogs space to explore with walkways they can follow and trails. You can again use any material for this dogscaping such as stone, pavers, wood, ect. If at all possibly, try to leave a 2′-3′ gap between your fence and your walkways if you are choosing to install this hardscape near the perimeter of your property.
  • Less is better: Specific potty areas may not work for your Furbaby. In cases like this, less sod is better. Beautiful hardscape patios might just be your answer. Patios just don’t go bad and require little maintenance. There are so many materials to choose from for this dogscaping project. My favorite is a new paver we are now offering that is called “barn plank.” This paver looks just like old barn wood. This is an investment that will last a lifetime for you and your pet. Click here and set up your appointment to get this awesome material installed in your yard!
  • Yucky plants: When choosing plants to install when sharing your outdoor living space with your Furbabies, make sure the plants you choose are not harmful to them. Aloe, for example is deadly for dogs. If you’re not sure what plants to choose, call a professional like Bailey Construction & Landscape Group to help you plan your dogscaping.
  • -Paw friendly: In addition to digestive friendly plants for dogs, choose plants that are paw friendly, if the new landscaping is going to be all over the yard. On the flip side, installing plants that are dense and not paw friendly such as a holly bush, might keep your dogs away from areas of your landscaping.

Do you need help with your dogscape design? Just call Bailey Construction & Landscape Group, Inc. in Loganville to put together a dogscaping design plan that will suit you and your pets individual needs at 770-466-8766 or go click here to contact us on our website.


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