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Help! My yard is floating away!

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. Little Sally wants to play. Rain, rain go away! Who remembers this nursery rhyme? The same is true as an adult as it was when we were kids. The rain is keeping us from being able to play… in our gardens, flower beds, outdoor kitchens, patios, and our yards in general. Rain is needed and vital to our lawn’s health. When the rain keeps coming, it does just the opposite of helping our lawn. “Help! My yard is floating away!” We’ve actually heard this from customers! No one can control the weather, and people have no way of knowing what their yard will do with mass amounts of rain. More times than not, yards are generally poorly graded or have eroded away with time, and don’t have the proper drainage to combat erosion or to stop water pooling or running in their yard.

We work with all drain types: pop up drains, grate drains, trough drains, culvert drains, catch basins, french drains, and a few other drains. The diagram below gives you a better idea of how a drainage system comes together to to redirect unwanted water into your yard. The drainage system below depicts a yard that has several drains connected together to accomplish the drainage goal for this yard. Most of the time, a system with this many different drains is not necessary. Your drainage system should be customized to your specific drainage needs.

Grading is the first thing we look at when addressing drainage. Can I regrade my yard if my yard is sloped toward my house? Can a hillside be graded instead of installing a retaining wall to prevent erosion? These are just a few of the grading and erosion questions we get asked. If grading alone won’t resolve your drainage issues, we then look at what drainage is going to work best in your yard to solve your unique drainage issue. We also try to implement other ways of aiding your yard in the fight against intrusive water, such as dry river bed, swells, and plant installation. Having drainage issues in your yard? Give us a call today at 770-466-8766, to get your FREE drainage appointment.


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