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Blooming Plants for January

The weather has started to get a little colder as we are in the middle of Winter. Good thing we are in Georgia, we get no winter again this year! Rain rain go away… No matter the weather outside, we still have plants that bloom during this time of year.

The first blooming plant for January is the Camellia Japonicas. This January plant is also native to China and Japan, in addition to Taiwan and Korea. Little known fact: The genus Camellia was named after a Jesuit priest and botanist named George Kamel. This flowering shrub or tree con continue to bloom until March. The newer leaves tend to be a purplish color, while the older leaves start to turn a grayish color. This plant is also a known favorite of caterpillars.

The second blooming plant we are focusing on for January is the Star Magnolia. This plant too is native to Japan! We are on a roll! This species of Magnolia is slow growing. You will see these gorgeous flowers blooming in the Winter and begininng of Spring before its leaves even come forth. This wonderful tree will grow to be about 15 to 20 feet! The older your tree becomes, the more it will spread, but you can always prune it to keep it at the width you wish.

The third blooming plant for this month is Witch Hazel. This plant is Native to North America, but there are also other species of this plant in China and Japan. This unique plant requires a little warmer weather to bloom so you need a little warmer weather or a mild Winter will do. This plant is also known as a Winterbloom.

The fourth plant to focus in on for January is the Lenten Rose. This beautiful flowering plant is an evergreen perennial. They tend to bloom late in the Winter. This plant usually grows 1 to 1.5′ tall. These awesome plants grow in partial shade to full shade. These plant are deer resistant too. Do be careful with these plants as all parts of this plant are toxic. They generally do not bother people, but some people can develop skin irritations after handling this plant for long periods of time.

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